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Production equipments for car oil filters

Zhong Ying Equipment had configured a equipment production line for car oil filter for yearly 3 million production.

End cover and housing fabrication:

  1. 315 ton Press Machine

  2. Un-coilling, postitioning & feeding roller

  3. Thread machine

  4. Welding machine

  5. Lock seaming machine

  6. Hydraulic draw-bench machine

Paper element fabrication:

  1. Safety valve lock seaming machine

  2. Paper folder machine

  3. Center roller crimping machine

  4. Glue dispenser machine

  5. Clip machine

Filter assemly progress:

  1. Anaerobic glue dispenser

  2. Seal machine for filter housing and end cover

  3. Leakage detection machine

  4. Industry Printer

  5. Plastic package machine

Zhong Ying Equipment can supply whole equipment production line with good quality and sound price.

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Coal treatment equipments

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